Baby Shower Game

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Baby Puzzle
Baby Puzzle

Finally! An actual game, a digital game to play at baby showers!

baby shower games

There's the traditional shower games like guess how big mom's belly is, and old school paper bingo but hey it's 2014. Eventually someone would come up with a digital game for baby showers. Keep in mind, a lot of apps in the market contain "baby shower" in the title, however 95% of those are not actually baby shower games, but ideas for games to play at baby showers.


Digital game, mobile app built for android, iphone & ipad.

Great baby shower game. Finish fastest to win. Use Baby Puzzle as baby shower icebreaker. Have everyone laughing & having a great time quickly.

Fun puzzle game for children. GET IT AT LINKS AT TOP OF PAGE.

Puzzle of 4 colorful baby blocks, which spell out the word "Baby." Has 4 cheerful cartoon babies.

Touch small puzzle preview on left side of screen to display larger preview.

Drag and drop pieces to play. Hear a snapping noise when puzzle pieces correctly placed.

Made in Texas USA by a mom entrepreneur.